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Lord Ashtar message


Friday, January 20, 2017
8:24 AM GMT

Dear Lord Ashtar I am here

Thank you my child, my love.

I am here also, always. I would like to tell you about some items that are about to become clear to you. As you write this you are reactivating your channelling ability as it is now time to dedicate more of your timespace to this activity. You are gifted in how you can read and hear what is said by all of us and you are to disseminate this information as requested.

I understand Lord Ashtar. Thank you for communicating so clearly through me at this time. How may I be of assistance?

I would like you to convey the following to your nearest and dearest souls:

In neartime some great disruption may be felt. This is as it is meant to be. All souls know this in their deepest hearts and it is in order that there is to be a greater connection to source. This disruption will allow the bright, white light to shine more clearly through as distractions from source and the path towards are removed. This is all to be so in many ways across our continents and I ask all of our dear beloved souls to transmute any pain or difficulty as best as they can. It is in no way to be viewed as a punishment, in fact it is a lifting up. By dedicating our focus on the light of source we may always stand true. In gifting love unconditionally we are living our true soul purpose as we always meant to. Remember the love you felt from all as a baby, that is how we all need to be loved.

I would like to warn you to be aware, vigilant yet free from fear as the fear is holding so many of us back. In the lightest of times it is preceded by the darkest of times. This is all to support our evolution and growth.

There is so much fear and disdain around Donald Trump. He is only a figurehead to represent a set of values and ideals that we no longer hold true or valid. Those struggling to let go of these beliefs are all supported by the universe in their own way and we can witness that with love in our hearts.

I am here to assist you in ascension as the world fully awakens. If there is to be disruption, this is not a concern. It is to be viewed as accelerated change. Some lightworkers have been so vigilant in holding the space for the light to fill us all, this disruption will be a way of amplifying that space, with more opening up and more coming towards the true centre of it all.

Moving into expansiveness is not always easy so we can all come together in mutual support to help people adjust from the old ways to the new. Meditation and prayer will take a new central focus of our days and nights, along with hugs, love and warmth from all hearts to us all. Groups will be taking on new forms and light networks will be enhanced. This is all great news to be welcomed.

I am blessed to convey this message with you and I always stand true and support you and all.

May you be filled with love and light for all time.

Lord Ashtar.